The DRSCW seeks to implement targeted watershed activities that resolve priority water way problems efficiently and cost effectively.


Graue Mill Dam and Fullersburg Woods Restoration

In 2007, the DRSCW began monitoring water quality and wildlife at Salt Creek. We found a decline of river health upstream of the Graue Mill dam. A few years later, the DRSCW began exploring options to improve river quality and help meet water quality standards required by the Clean Water Act.



Oak Meadows Dam Removal and Stream Restoration

The objective of the project is to improve Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index scores and Macro-Invertebrate Index of Biological Integrity scores in a 1.3 mile stretch of Salt Creek main stem, and dissolved oxygen (DO) scores directly upstream of the existing dam.



Churchill Woods Dam Modification

DRSCW developed concept plans for the removal of the Churchill Woods dam and the restoration of the upstream riparian corridor of the East Branch of the DuPage River. Project goals were to improve fish passage and species diversity upstream of the existing dam, along with increasing dissolved oxygen within the stream.


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The mission of the DRSCW is to bring together a diverse coalition of stakeholders to work together to preserve and enhance water quality and stream resource quality in the East Branch DuPage River, West Branch DuPage River, Salt Creek, and their tributaries.

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